Yoga Mum on the Run

It is lovely you have come to my page to meet me today. My name is Portia, otherwise known as Yoga Mum on the Run and I am a Mum that transformed my life after hitting my darkest days.

Waking up aged 30 with two small children and a corporate job, I looked in the mirror and saw someone that was falling apart. On the outside my life would have looked perfectly fine, but on the inside depression consumed me and I didn’t know who I was anymore. I had trouble sleeping, I was unmotivated, detached and struggling to hold it all together.

Taking one day at a time I started to make changes, I found new ways of coping with stress and dealing with difficult situations and relationships. I became fitter and healthier, more focused and organised and now 10 years later, the best version of myself. The biggest and most important change has been my confidence. I now value myself and understand the importance of making myself a priority, using tools of self love every day.

Over the last 10 Years I have trained in:

  • Yoga Coaching
  • Meditation
  • Creative Arts Healing
  • Reflective Coaching
  • Journal Therapy
  • Developing Relationships

I am so grateful to now use my own experience to help and coach others, through face to face meetings and online. We work together to find a method that suits you and meet as often or as little as you need or require.

I help people work through emotionally challenging times in their life and have seen some amazing results. Some clients have come to me to let go of stress, some facing illness and others have just felt lost. Together we are stronger and it was a very important part of my journey to find someone to be there for me, just as I will be for you.

If you would like to talk to me, it costs nothing to drop me an email and hope you will feel happy to reach out and start making those small steps to change.

I also have lots of free resources on YouTube, so head over to my channel if you are wondering where to start with yoga, meditation or journaling.

Portia x

My Journey