How Can I Get Things Done?

Finding some time for stillness on the beautiful Malvern Hills

It is crazy how another week has passed by and all I can think to myself is “where has that time gone?”

The last 7 days have not disappointed though, It has been filled with another new project building in the background, children back in school and the completion of my online course that is about to be launched! Not to mention family time, my first home cooked roast dinner in a very long time (by myself of course) and yes lots of yoga and puggle walks.

Life does seem to have a habit of just passing by.

It was one of the biggest hurdles I had to get over when trying to find time for myself, that allowing this time was not being selfish! I know from working with others, this is also the case for most of us. I used to think time for myself meant a spa day or something big and elaborate, but this is most definitely not the case. Yes a day break somewhere is lovely, especially if you are being pampered at the same time. However, making this a possibility and more importantly a regular occurrence, is usually very difficult. Not to mention the stress caused trying to organise such a day, with childcare arrangements, transport, booking time off work, or just the guilt of a day to yourself.

Time for yourself should be something you do every day! It can be anything that takes you out of your 9-5 and into a place of “hello you, how are you?” For some people this is on the yoga mat, for others a bike ride seems a popular choice lately, or even just a dog walk. Time is also not important, so don’t use this as a reason not to do something. Realistically everyone can find 5 mins in their day.

So how do we make this achievable? How do we find more time in our day?

For me the main thing is to ensure the next day is prepared for the night before. I am a huge advocate since completing a journaling course, that by writing things down we are able to prioritise more efficiently. Freeing the mind of clutter and enabling us to head into the day clearly. I write down the night before, the things I want to achieve the next day and when new things pop up they are noted just as quickly. So have a pad/journal to hand to ensure you can write things down when you need it. You will quickly see how this frees your mind and suddenly you have more free time for that “yes” moment.

I recommend The Classy Planner, a fantastic place to access such wonderful journals and tools for getting organised. I wouldn’t be without my journal now. Visit their site below!

Set your alarm 10 mins early…….

Everyone can do this, you make yourself get up just 10 mins before your supposed to. Your body will not notice that 10 minutes less of sleep, but your mind will be thankful for it. You can start the day off on top of things, instead of those glazed eyes and a stressed head. Get a lamp that turns on for your alarm, or set an alarm and have it out of reach of your bed. This way your already up, so no excuses!

Yay you! You’ve already gained an extra 10… what? No don’t get on social media!

Statistics prove how much time we loose on our phones scrolling through other peoples posts and yes I am a victim to this too. Just make sure that extra 10 is used wisely, get a quick walk in, sit and have a cuppa in peace or make some notes about the day ahead. This is going to set the tone for your day. If you start relaxed and ready for action, the day will run like clock work. Start running around like a headless chicken and you will soon find the day goes from bad to worse. Give it a try and see for yourself.

One of my favorite things to do during the day is remind myself to breath…..that sounds crazy doesn’t it? I step away from my laptop or switch off my phone and sit somewhere for 5 mins whilst I collect my thoughts and enjoy a few deep breaths, whilst looking at the world around me. When I do this, I stop letting things sneak on top off me, put it all in perspective and then go back with a clear head. Again this moment of time out enables me to find more time for what’s important.

I used to always be panicking about being the perfect parent, ensuring my children were fed and watered by a certain time, had completed everything perfectly that they had been set and wanted my house to be spotless at the same time. I don’t worry half as much about these things now, as I step back and look at my life and think “how important is this? Is it worth worrying about?” Often the answer has been “no”. We have an overwhelming need to be perfect a lot of the time and to feel in control of our children’s futures. Learning to release this expectation of myself helped me greatly. My children are going to make their own choices and live their own lives. I can be here to love and care for them, but I don’t have to be here to do everything for them. They need to grow, flourish and contribute themselves and take responsibility for their actions. I saw a 3yr old skateboarding the other day and she was amazing. If a 3yr old can skateboard, then what else can they do?

How do we find more time for ourselves? We have to make it happen.

If your feeling inspired and want to start now, here is this weeks Beginners Yoga Flow on YouTube to get you started.

As I head off into the next week, I’m feeling excited, I’m prepared, I have no expectation of an outcome and I’m dedicated to ensuring my bum ends up on my mat most days.

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Portia x

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