Yoga Mum on the Run

As I found myself once again in quarantine, I realised this was the perfect time for some pen to paper, or should I say finger to keyboard.

Yep, second quarantine due to our modern world now being my ex husband living in Spain and myself in the UK. My son has spent the Summer with his Dad and my 14 year old daughter and I went over for 4 weeks in July. Hence…..two quarantine periods.

We are all looking forward to a bit of normality now.

It’s crazy when I think about the world we live in now and I don’t just mean mask wearing and finding ourselves locked in our houses. My life, many people already know has taken a huge shift and is why I now find myself a yoga mum on the run.

Just over 2 years ago my husband of 17 Years and I decided to pursue our dream, (or mainly my dream) of life in the sun. So off we went, as we headed off to the Andalucía area of Spain. It was amazing when we arrived, exploring new places and experiencing a new way of living.

What we didn’t expect was the changes that followed. I think many of you can now relate to how things can change in your mindset, once you find stillness. Many people have made big life changes since lockdown. This was what happened to us. Spain took us off the daily treadmill, no more after school clubs, being sat on the M5 in traffic, or family gatherings at the weekend. We suddenly found beach days, shorter school days and long walks. This new life gave us both time to re evaluate.

As you may already know 10 Years ago I found the yoga mat and this opened my eyes to someone I didn’t know I was or could be. Every year this person grew stronger and more independent, this matched with the new life in Spain created the divide.

So that was it, my biggest leap of faith yet and putting on the new face of Portia, a yoga mum on the run. On the run from the person I was and forcing myself to be the best version of me that I can be. Whilst also bringing up a teenage daughter, 10 year old son and a 5 month old puggle. Sharing my stories to help others on their journey through this crazy life.

Earlier this year I stepped back into my maiden name, or at least I think I have. We are not actually 100 percent sure if we are divorced or not, but it makes for a great story and Chris, (aka ex hubby) and I can laugh about this for years to come. Our split created a roller coaster of emotions and was the most difficult thing to get my head around yet. After so many happy years together, we suddenly started throwing mud pies in each others faces, with who could upset the other the most! Luckily we have got through that very grown up stage and have entered friendship zone, with the occasional argument over money, so nothings really changed from our married life! I do love how we can laugh together now though.

People often ask me “so what went wrong?” Why did we split? I would love to tell you a big elaborate story and play the hard done by wife, but Chris was actually a great husband. What happened was I found myself, I found a new sense of self and independence I didn’t know I craved. We both needed different things now and this was where it began.

I am so glad I took that leap of faith, Chris finds himself with a new soul mate and I have a life filled with new adventures. Sharing my love of yoga across the globe, getting involved in different projects and being mum to my two amazing kids and a puggle. Even more exciting is a new romance that is slowly blossoming for me in the background of all this, which has bought its own challenges.

It is certainly not an easy journey through life, but I look forward to sharing my challenges and new experiences with you all.

Yoga Mum on the Run

(Picture above taken during my stay in Mojacar, Spain. Feeling very blessed as I looked over the mountains.)

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