Autumn Vibes (Time for Nurture)

The last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster for me. I find that life after divorce keeps throwing up new emotions and experiences. Last week we celebrated Theo’s 11th Birthday with a trip to the beautiful glamping pods at Ellesmere. It was unfortunately the wettest weekend we have had in a while, but it was still lovely and most importantly Theo had a great time.

I booked these pods to test them in preparation for a women’s wellbeing break next Spring. Ensuring social distancing is covered and lots of outside space! What I loved most about these pods are the location, set off down a country lane, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lots of trees and plenty of walks. This really is the perfect chance to escape the 9-5 and take in some country air. I’m really looking forward to putting this break together and sharing the details with you all soon.

In the meantime, yep I hit a stumbling moment on my road to freedom when I looked at my gorgeous growing boy and thought about the last 11 years of his life and all the adventures we had as a family. Even though we both chose to move on independently, it is still hard to think back to happy memories as a unit. My ex and I still send each other memory photos when they pop up on our phones and Facebook. It is lovely that we have that relationship and I’m really thankful for that. So a time for reflection for me over these darker days we have now.

This has given me the perfect opportunity to throw myself into my work and I have started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to create some yoga inspired videos for children to use in schools and at home. If you would like further details, please click here. Maybe, you may even consider buying me a cuppa whilst I tell you all about it? But to save you the trip, perhaps you would kindly donate the money to the cause instead, whilst you watch my video. I’m really excited about these videos, getting children engaging with the world around them and seeing some beautiful sites, whilst moving their bodies. It is so powerful and important to keep children mindful.

Magnum and I have been out and about finding lots of exciting places to create these videos. He is growing bigger every day and although on the lead we have issues, off the lead he is becoming a very well behaved little puggle. He actually has a staring role in this weeks yoga flow sequence that we shot on the Malvern Hills for YouTube. I loved filming a video so in the moment and surrounded by nature, I felt so alive and hope you can feel this energy as you watch it. Its the perfect sequence after you’ve been on a long walk or run. It really helped me after our walk up the hills with all my equipment, the next day my legs felt great!

Here is the link to the video...Y

Finally I wanted to say a huge thank you for the influx of love and support from you all over the last couple of weeks. My YouTube Channel is slowly building, with more subscribers and feedback, which I love. My Instagram account has also picked up some new followers and I’m so grateful for the messages I receive ( well most of them, some can be a little eye opening at times.)

I’m also very proud to say my motivational video on YouTube is now being used by a wonderful brand of clothing, WPWARMOUR ( War Paint Warriors). In line with my journey their clothing range is focused on motivating, inspiring and empowering people. Take a look at their website here: WPWARMOUR

So thats a wrap on a very busy Autumn and im very much looking forward to the next few colder months to come and seeing whats around the corner for this Yoga Mum on the Run!

Much love and gratitude x

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