Does Something Need to Change?

How often do you wake in the night, mid way through a crazy dream and think what was that about?

I notice instantly if I am living out of alignment with my subconscious, my body can not settle properly and a disturbed nights sleep follows. The knock on effect is a not so proactive or tired day the next day.

Dream journaling is particularly useful for people who are on the treadmill of life (so pretty much all of us) When you give yourself little time for your thoughts and feelings to show up, they become present in your dreams. Your subconscious is trying to speak, but are you listening?

I often dreamt of being trapped in a building with no way out, It was easy to see that I felt trapped somewhere in my life, but it was not as clear to discover in what area of my life. By making a note of it and giving myself time to reflect on the different areas of my life and where I felt this could be. I quickly saw a pattern in my journaling and began to understand why I was feeling this way.

The hardest part of working with dream journaling is remembering what we dream about. The alarm goes off and we are quickly thrown into the day. What we need to do is set the alarm a few minutes earlier, have your book and pen to hand and not get distracted.

Once your up, set yourself a prompt, is there any thoughts and feelings that first come up?

If not, start to doodle and write down: Last night I was thinking about…

If nothing comes leave it like that. Making this a habit will wake your mind up to working with dream journaling.

If your like me, you may also find you wake in the night and your dreams are very much at the forefront of your mind. So make a quick and brief note then, so you can come back to it when you wake in the Morning.

Another thing you can do is set the intention before you go to sleep. Write in your journal before bed asking questions about something and then see what comes up through the night and use that question as a trigger for your dream journaling.

As with all styles of journaling it is not about perfection, no one is looking for your results and you don’t need to judge yourself. Just enjoy the process and see what comes up for you, get as creative with it as you like.

Try and look for patterns or things that distinctively stood out to you. Why is that and what can they mean? These are often the things we should be listening too.

You can find further info here on what things in your dreams mean. But don’t forget your dreams are also a fusion of your day and things you have experienced. By looking at your dream journaling regularly, you will see what is a clear message and something you should be listening too.

Many authors have created amazing work from writing down their dreams, including the Twighlight series, so who knows where this is going to take you.

I have uploaded a new YouTube video on the topic, so check this out here:

As usual a huge thank you to everyone for all the love and support this week! What an awesome week it has been and I actually do feel as though my dreams are certainly starting to come true! I feel blessed by your lovely messages and the comments I receive.

Happy Dreaming XX

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