Would You Like to Know How to Have More Mindful Children?

I know I would! But what does that mean?

My beautiful children x

Mindfulness has become the new trendy word to be thrown around, but what does it actually mean and how do we start using it?

To be mindful, is to be present in the moment. When we become fully present in the moment we are able to take a step out of our day, out of our busy minds and make space for what really is important.

But how do we get our children to be more mindful?

Like everything in life, it starts with us. We learnt from our parents, they learnt from theirs and our children are watching and observing us. If they are seeing stress, anger, constant distractions and pressure, then this is going to become the norm. What they need to see is us taking a walk and talking about the things we see around us, the different cloud formations in the sky or the flavours we experience from the food we eat.

We need to show the importance of time out, reflection and the importance of our own mental health and wellbeing!

When I first decided to learn to calm my mind I was a bit lost, searching the internet on tips to using mindfulness. I was overwhelmed with it all, how was I going to go from a mind that never stopped, to stillness and serenity? One thing I did know was that I needed to show my children I could do it!

My first steps were taking myself off up to my bedroom window. I would promise myself to sit there for 5 mins each day and only look at what I could see, not listen to my thoughts. I very quickly saw and felt the benefits of doing this. Only moments before I was filled with anxiety and felt lost in how to priorities my time. By taking this step out the day I was able to get rid of the clutter and listen to what I needed to hear. It also gave me a massive sense of gratitude and appreciation for the World, how beautiful it was and what I was missing by sitting at my desk every day. This is why I now have a desk that looks over my garden.

Once I started working with mindfulness and saw the improvements in my life, my first thoughts were, why didn’t I do this earlier? I didn’t do it, because I didn’t know how to, I didn’t know what mindfulness was.

So how do we make our children more mindful? We do it by showing them the way! We need to take them to school and point out what we see on the way, we need to have a conversation about how they are feeling, what they are excited or nervous about? We need to give children the chance to stop and reflect, to experience their thoughts and feelings and notice the World around them.

One things is for sure, life is always going to throw you tough times and challenges, we need to know how to deal with them, that is all we can do!

By using mindfulness at home, we are all making a positive change together and now more than ever this is the perfect time to capture their time and imagination and bring out the best of them.

I found my teen years the most challenging, I struggled to separate myself from the mean comments and finding my place in the World. I would take on what people said and it would hurt (I am still a little guilty of doing this now). Using mindfulness and meditation as a tool would of helped me greatly. Which is why I have launched this new video series on YouTube.

Have a listen and take a moment to just breathe, I am here if anyone needs any further help and support on this topic, as I am so passionate about spreading mindfulness to you all.

Thanks for all your support and I look forward to us all being a little more mindful in our day.

Portia x

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