What Makes You Happy?

It’s one of those questions that makes you look in the mirror and think…

How do I not know this?

There comes a moment in your life when you sit back and say to yourself, I am so fortunate and have so much, but I feel like something is missing. What makes me happy?

For me I went as low as hitting depression, even though I was in my gorgeous house, with my nice cars, husband and two beautiful children. But for many it doesn’t take getting to this point before realising something is out of balance. I used to think wanting more for myself was me being selfish, only worrying about me. After making my own changes and helping others to make theirs, I discovered many of us don’t know what makes us happy and we don’t realise the impact of this.

When your spending most of your time doing the things you need to do, instead of the things you want to do, that is going to have an impact.

This year has given many of us the opportunity to sit and discover new hobbies and there has been more people outside than ever before. This is great, but do these things make YOU happy?

We often do what we think we should do, as apposed to actually taking the time to sit and think, is this what I want to do?

Of course I am a huge advocate of exercise and how this benefits not only the body, but also the mind. It is important to remember there are many different forms of fitness and if one style is killing you and making you feel bad, then DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT! It will not be doing any good and you will have no motivation to do it if your hating it every day. Don’t be afraid to try different things and because one style doesn’t suit you, the next might make your body and mind sing.

I have recently started sharing my different journaling styles on my YouTube channel and I talk about this on there. When your coming to something new, come with an open mind and remember that not everything suits everyone. Try different styles of journaling, try watching different styles of cooking, art tutorials or read a different book. The list can go on and on. My point is, you need to find what makes you happy and not feel like you have to persevere.

One of the things I have realised is my love for trees over the recent years (hence todays photo) and I now know if I am feeling weighed down with life and need a reset, I need to head to the trees. A walk in the woods reinvigorates me and fills me with a new zest for life once again.

Equally a meditation when im feeling tired and run down will always enhance my day and working with music in the background can lift me off my seat and get me dancing around the kitchen!

Take a moment to sit down and think about or list the things that make you happy. What are your go to pick me up’s? Why do you choose them and how do they make you feel? Feel free to share them on here with us all, they might inspire someone else.

I used to choose a glass of wine and still do love a glass on the weekend, but I am no longer dependent on it to take the edge off and to cheer me up. I will only go to that glass of wine now once I am in the right mindset to begin with. I am not saying you can’t have your guilty pleasures, but come to them not as a crutch to lift you up. Let them be a bonus prize once your already there.

I know from my own experience it can be hard to read questions like: What makes you happy? Your life is all consuming and your struggling to find time for most things, let alone asking yourself what makes you happy. I had to start putting the odd 5 mins aside for myself for me to quickly start seeing the changes it made to my life and mindset. Once I started giving myself just 5 mins, I had the time to start asking myself these sorts of questions and that 5 mins very quickly turned to 15.

Start small and let go of any expectations!

Laura from Happy Berry and I created a YouTube tutorial on creative journaling this week for anyone that would like to embrace their creative side. Take a look and maybe give this a go and see what comes out for you. You never know, you may have a hidden artist inside crying to come out.

With Christmas around the corner, this is the perfect time for some self discovery, so go and explore what makes you happy!

Hope your all keeping warm, it’s cold here in Malvern today!

Portia x

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