How Do I Find The Motivation?

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Hearing on New Years Eve the wonderful news of a new life coming in to the World and then the deep sadness of another life lost, does bring everything into prospective. 

It is moments like these that motivate me to make the best of my life and appreciate everything that I have. 

The arrival of life brings us all so much hope, what lay ahead for this little being, how wonderful for a couple, or individual to be fulfilled by this new life. The path ahead of them, their dreams, their desires, what will life look like? What we forget is that we all have this. Age is irrelevant, we all have the opportunity to make our lives the best we can and to do things that excite and scare us. As we get older we let life dictate what our future holds and often forget we have a choice. 

Just as when we hear the sadness of loss, it makes us all suddenly value and appreciate what we have, how short life is. In these moments of clarity we decide to live every day as if it is our last. Then routine kicks in and once again we have lost sight of this.

People often say to me “I don’t have a choice, I can’t change my life” and I completely understand what you mean, but you do have a choice. You choose how you think and feel about your life. You choose what you do outside of your work. You choose what you put in your body. You choose so many different things every day, that impact how you feel.

I CHOOSE to make myself be grateful every day. I wake up and think “wow, how lucky I am for…”

I CHOOSE to get up a little earlier to do yoga or meditate.

I CHOOSE to go into my work and think “I’m going to make the best of it today.”

I know it’s hard to change your mindset to someone that believes they have a choice, I’ve been there remember and still have days that get the better of me! Of course bad things are going to happen along the way, that’s all part of living, how we respond to these things is our choice.

I completely understand, relate and appreciate that being told your losing your job, or that your partner is leaving you, or something even worse like the loss of a family member feels impossible to control our response to. The fear, the sadness, the unknown ahead are going to come rushing in. Of course we need to grieve, or have a period of time for reflection, but after this time we have to choose to look forward. Reminding ourselves that the future holds lots of unknown and exciting times ahead. 

One thing I have been surprised by over the last 10yrs through my work, is what people have been through and I would of had no idea without talking to them. I am amazed by the strength and courage that people found to move forward after some very challenging times, they never gave up. We all have that courage and strength inside of us, we just have to choose to access it and use it.


Back to my original question, how do I find the motivation?

It comes from a place of gratitude for my life and it comes from a place of realising I make my choices and if I want to be the best version of me, I need to choose to be! 

I accept my flaws and I accept that I have made bad choices in the past too. These choices do not define me, if anything they are what make me strive even more to be the best version of myself. These are my stepping stones to the person I am today! 

The turn of a new year brings so much anticipation, desire and expectation. This is a good thing, but remind yourself that nothing can change over night and baby steps will get you to your goals. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and accept you will try your best and that’s all you need to do. 

Start 2021 with some fresh ideas and see where they take you, who knows what is to come. Maybe you would like to join me for 30 days to meditation, we started yesterday and you can come along and give it a whirl. Remember, it doesn’t matter when you start, it’s that your starting. Alternatively, you may be considering starting a new hobby or fitness regime. Whatever it is, remember its baby steps!

I’m going to be talking Motivation all of January on my Instagram Page. Starting with a live talk with Luke Staton, a wonderful motivational speaker on Monday 4th Jan at 7.30pm. Come across and join us @portiayogamumontherun

Your amazing! Believe in your potential and keep smiling. 

Happy New Year everyone x

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