10 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Lockdown

Waking up to just another day of being house bound makes it hard for us to find the motivation to get started and the voices in our head can start working over time on making us feel 100 x worse than we should.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

So what changes can we make to ensure we start the day right?

For me, I love nothing more than starting the day with a yoga flow or workout, followed by a meditation. This is not always possible and sometimes I need to go back to basics if I am short of time. So here I am sharing with you, my top 10 ways to start the day right, without needing to make huge changes to your daily routine.

10 Ways To Start The Day Right…

  1. Be Grateful! This one I talk about all the time. It is so important to wake up to the right thoughts. I’m sure I am not alone when I say my eyes open at the moment and I think to myself “Yay! Another day locked in my house!” But I quickly stop myself on route to destination self sabotage and take a moment to think about what this actually means. No pressure, time with my family, dog walks and you wonderful people that I get to share with online. It’s really important to remind ourselves that our own thoughts create the outcome of our day.
  2. Love Yourself! This one is probably one of the hardest for most of us. How do we learn to love ourselves? I’ve been personally working on this for some time now and still have times that I cling to the idea of needing to receive love from another to feel loved and valued. When I take the time out and do something I enjoy, like walking the dog or hitting the yoga mat, I quickly remember how much I love and appreciate myself. Then I am no longer dependent on needing love from someone else.
  3. Stop Overthinking! You know the one, you start your day with thoughts of coffee and checking in with social media. Before you know it you’ve lost yourself in how you have failed in life because your not floating around the Caribbean, or driving the latest Porsche. You spend the next few hours making yourself feel utterly useless and struggling to find any motivation to even get up off the bed, or sofa. Overthinking a situation will also go against you, its not just comparing ourselves to others. When we overthink something that someone has said, or done to us and then make it into something it doesn’t need to be. In this lockdown situation we need to keep mindful of our thoughts, as we have plenty of time to overthink anything and everything. Leading only to further frustrations and difficulties.
  4. Find Your Happy! Have in your mind what things you can do that make you happy and ensure every Morning to remind yourself of making time that day for whatever this is. Be realistic and think of the things that are achievable. If you want to try a walk, you don’t have to go for miles, just take a short walk if you have little time. If you love drawing and your perched at your desk all day, have a pen and paper to hand and start sketching when you fancy a 5 min break. Are you missing a peaceful coffee break as the kids are sat on top of you whilst your trying to work? Escape upstairs and shut the door (lock it if you can) Its important that you find that time for yourself, as well as everyone else.
  5. Lets Affirm! Positive affirmations are amazing for getting your mindset from miserable to motivated! Take a few mins in the Morning to say 5 positive affirmations to yourself. You can change them each week, or let the same statements really start to grow in strength by using them every day. I like to use…

I am strong

I am happy

I love myself

I attract everything that I need

I release everything that does not serve me

Use mine or find ones that work for you. Just take a moment to sit in stillness and absorb them every day.

  1. What’s The Goal? Just because we are confined to our homes does not mean we can no longer aspire for greatness, in fact I know quite a few people that have transformed their lives during the first lockdown. This is the perfect time to look at your life and think about what it is you really want to achieve. Maybe your being thrown into a new life and forced to make change, maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own business, or maybe your current life is so crazy busy your struggling to remember what your goal is. It is important to have some idea of what you want your life to look like, otherwise its like driving somewhere without a map. Yes you will find places of interest on route and hopefully you may get to your destination eventually. However, if you want this life sooner rather than later, you’ve got to plug into yourself and think about what it is you really want. Then every Morning remind yourself of this goal, maybe even create little steps you can take each day to get you a little closer to it.
  2. Take A Breath! Under no circumstance wake up and jump into the day (even if your a nutter like me and you can’t wait to work out!) Hold yourself back in bed for just a moment and take a big breath. Really try to slow the breath down and check in with how your feeling. Often we throw ourselves into things without realising we are actually suffering with pain somewhere, or we have a crazy busy mind and don’t know where to begin. By slowing down the breath you are not only allowing yourself time to check in with yourself, you are also clearing the mind and improving blood flow and cardiovascular ability.
  3. Keep Believing! I know I’m not alone in thinking this current situation feels never ending and many of us are itching to get back to a normal life, filled with travel, socialising, dancing the night away, or just being able to pop round and see Mum and Dad again. These days will come and it is important to use this time to reflect on how lucky we have been and all the wonderful experiences we have been lucky enough to have had. We need to keep reminding ourselves this is a time of stillness to prioritise and think about what we want more of when we have the opportunity. I like to spend a few minutes every day just sitting in silence and thinking what I would like to do, or achieve and picturing myself doing it! I am putting out into the Universe ready for when we get the opportunity to venture out once more.
  4. Get Up & Get Ready! It is very easy to wake up and think “I’m not seeing anyone, or going anywhere, why do I need to get up and get ready?” Keeping a daily routine is so important, it keeps you moving towards goals, keeps you feeling good and it helps you differentiate between the days. I allow myself a lazy Sunday Morning, so I know it is a Sunday! You have a choice every day when you wake up to embrace the day or hide away. By getting changed and making the bed, you are making that commitment that you want to embrace the day and see what it brings.
  5. Look At Yourself! Sounds scary doesn’t it? No one really wants to stop and look at themselves in the mirror, but why? Because we are fearful of what we are going to see looking back at us? By taking a moment to look in the mirror and look into your eyes, you will see who you are and what you are capable of. You will see if your living out of alignment with the person you want to be, or making choices for the wrong reasons. You will see your inner strength looking back at you and telling you to listen. Don’t take a quick glance, take a good long look. Don’t use this as an opportunity to beat yourself up either, about bad hair days or horrible skin, this is about reflection of the inner you, the person inside. Are you seeing them? Are you being them?

There you are, my top 10 tips for surviving and thriving during lockdown. I hope you will start implementing some, if not all of these into your daily routine. Some of them may seem like obvious things to do, but are you actually doing them? Use this as a daily checklist, see what happens, see what new thoughts and feelings come up for you. This is a wonderful time for self exploration and awakening a new you!

Thanks as always for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts and feelings with me. Don’t forget every Monday I am live on Instagram, talking motivation with a different coach each week! Click the link below to join us.


We are now into day 12 of our 30 days to meditation on YouTube! It is never too late to join in and see how you find taking 5-10mins out every morning. It changed my life, so I am hopeful it will benefit you too.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I will check in with you all again soon!

Much Love

Portia x

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