You Said What?

Do you ever catch the voice inside your head, talking to yourself and realise your not being very nice?

It’s crazy how we often talk to ourselves with such judgment and criticism and yet we would never tolerate that from a friend. Why do we think its acceptable from ourselves?

Our self talk has a HUGE impact on our mindset, yet we are not even aware of what we are saying half the time!

Starting out with a mindfulness practice makes you slow everything down and clear the mind. Once we make the space, we can hear that inner voice in our heads more clearly and stop it in its tracks of self sabotage.

I’m not going to lie, I was shocked when I started listening to the voice inside my head. I was constantly telling myself I couldn’t do something, so why bother trying. I would look in the mirror and find about 100 flaws on my face, or decide that today was the day to get creative, when that voice would pop up and say “why? Your rubbish at things like that!”

I was spending about 60% of my time making myself feel awful!

It is not easy to stop that voice, but like everything it is a practice you need to work on.

So my question to you today is…..

Do you know what your telling yourself every day?

Once I realised what I was doing, I decided I needed to reverse what I was saying. Instead of “You can’t do that.” I would say, “You can do anything and it’s more about having fun along the way, not being a perfectionist anymore”

Letting go of expectation

Letting go of my perfectionistic self

Learning to enjoy whatever the outcome was of every situation, this was all new to me.

Did you know….

When you go to bed at night, or come to a restful state (maybe savasana) your mind is at its most absorbent. As you lay your head on that pillow, this is when you should be saying all the good and wonderful things about yourself. Instead, this is when most of us jump on the self sabotage train and go over all the things we haven’t done, or we get super critical on all the things we did do and over analyse situations in our life etc.

Going to bed at night with a small notebook or journal alongside you makes a huge difference. You can begin to use this time instead to get some perspective and get grateful!

Make the time to sit and think about what you did do and what you already have. Write down what goals you are working towards, how achievable they are and perhaps make a note of a small step for the next day, to get you even closer to that goal.

This exercise will mean you drop your head on the pillow feeling positive, fresh and ready for the Morning!

It’s a life changer!

I wish I could tell you that 10 years down the line, I no longer catch that voice ready to remind me of all my flaws, but that would lying. What I can tell you is that I’ve learnt to hear it, acknowledge it and say thanks for the warning and heads up, but I’m all good and ready to go!

We learn from our experiences, especially our challenges, so don’t face them with fear and doubt, face them head on and say….


When I look in the mirror now, my critical voice still gives me a good talking to. Reminding me about how old I am getting, or how I am putting on weight. However, one is going to happen, so WHATEVER! The other…. well I did eat that yummy Magnum ice cream last night and I went on a long walk today, so all in all I am confident I am living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but thanks for the warning once again.

It’s good to be self aware and to have that voice rear its head with the occasional warning can be useful. But don’t let it compare you unnecessarily to people, or make you hold back on taking on something new, or being creative.

Getting creative is one of the best methods of relaxation and for releasing trauma from the body. If you want to get messy with paint and it looks crap, who cares? Your doing it for you, no-one else.

My best advice for Spring/Summer 2021, get self aware and listen to what is going on inside that head of yours. That voice is manifesting your World, so make it sound and feel amazing!

Look at where you bring in the self doubt and learn to understand yourself. Why are you doing that? What are you really afraid of? These moments of self reflection could make a huge difference to your life.

I am super excited to be running a BOOTCAMP with Gemma, The Mindfulness Business Coach. I will be diving deeper into this topic of self talk, affirmations and how to manifest correctly, so if you found this blog useful please join us at the link below.


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and sorry I have been off the radar for a few months, I have been learning a whole load of new stuff that I will be sharing soon, as well as building my new podcast, which is now up on Apple Podcast. (Yoga Mum on the Run)

Sending hugs to all.

Portia x

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