Life is like an onion!

Beautiful Ruskins View

Yep a little round fleshy onion, red or white you can choose, but an onion nonetheless!

Do you have those days where something happens unexpectedly and before you know it your looking in the mirror thinking “well I didn’t know that about myself”?

This is you peeling back yet another layer and finding that fresh layer underneath.

The journey of self discovery has no ending.

We start out in life with our fresh wholeness, wrapped in our hardest outer layer ready to embark on the world. As time passed, your skin slowly started to shed, a little dropped off here and a little there. Then you made a big life change that revealed the beauty that has been hiding underneath all this time.

I hope I haven’t lost you and your still peeling it….

Sorry, couldn’t resist that one!

Your new fresh vibrant layer full of flavour, life and vitality, is ready to embark on the World once again.

Time passes, you are faced with new challenges and this layer starts to dry out, to loose its vitality and gently withers. Your faced with discovering new parts of yourself once again!

Life has thrown you another challenge, so you start peeling it back, looking deeper within yourself for new strength and courage.

Slowly but surely that layer is released and then WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM, there you find some new parts of yourself and a brand new shiny layer!

At times it feels as though the layers are never ending, I mean…..


You keep peeling and peeling, learning and growing.

Your getting closer to the core every time, closer to seeing who really lay at the centre of all these layers.

Yes times can be hard and we can wilt, shed our skin and feel like giving up. Just keep in mind that the next beautiful layer is not far away.

When it comes to peeling back an onion, some tears may roll and many of us will fight them back. The process will still happen regardless, so don’t fight it. Let the beauty of nature do it’s thing and be ready for that next layer to come.

To all you beautiful onions out there, go and show off your layers with pride!

I’m in the Lakes this weekend, learning new things about myself as I look across some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen. This is definitely a place to shed some layers. I hope you like the picture I took for you all, a beautiful spot called Ruskins View, absolutely mesmerising to stand and look over.

Join me over on Instagram if you don’t already @portiayogamumontherun to follow my journeys. I love sharing my lessons with you all, as together we grow stronger.

Portia x

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