How to be a Mum and have it all?

Girl meets boy, girl gets pregnant and girl becomes a Mum… Sound familiar? No one passes you a handbook and says “here you go, this will help you on your way with becoming a Mum and how to still be you at the same time” Becoming a Parent was the start of my journey, as my hormones went nuts, my thyroid decided to loose the plot and I suddenly had a load more expectation and responsibility than I ever imagined in my life. I wanted to maintain the happy go lucky, working young woman life, whilst trying to make bottles, … Continue reading How to be a Mum and have it all?

Does Something Need to Change?

How often do you wake in the night, mid way through a crazy dream and think what was that about? I notice instantly if I am living out of alignment with my subconscious, my body can not settle properly and a disturbed nights sleep follows. The knock on effect is a not so proactive or tired day the next day. Dream journaling is particularly useful for people who are on the treadmill of life (so pretty much all of us) When you give yourself little time for your thoughts and feelings to show up, they become present in your dreams. … Continue reading Does Something Need to Change?

Journal Your Way To Happiness

With Winter around the corner this is the perfect time for some restoration and personal reflection. We forget that the Winter months are to give us time to rest and heal from the hard working/partying Summer months (that we should of had, had we not been in a pandemic of course) The shorter, colder days are perfect for wrapping up under a blanket, with a hot chocolate and taking a step back from the World. Although, if you do get out and about the colour’s are amazing at the moment, I feel truly blessed when i’m out walking! I’m a … Continue reading Journal Your Way To Happiness

Autumn Vibes (Time for Nurture)

The last couple of weeks have been a rollercoaster for me. I find that life after divorce keeps throwing up new emotions and experiences. Last week we celebrated Theo’s 11th Birthday with a trip to the beautiful glamping pods at Ellesmere. It was unfortunately the wettest weekend we have had in a while, but it was still lovely and most importantly Theo had a great time. I booked these pods to test them in preparation for a women’s wellbeing break next Spring. Ensuring social distancing is covered and lots of outside space! What I loved most about these pods are … Continue reading Autumn Vibes (Time for Nurture)

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Yoga Mum on the Run

As I found myself once again in quarantine, I realised this was the perfect time for some pen to paper, or should I say finger to keyboard. Yep, second quarantine due to our modern world now being my ex husband living in Spain and myself in the UK. My son has spent the Summer with his Dad and my 14 year old daughter and I went over for 4 weeks in July. Hence…..two quarantine periods. We are all looking forward to a bit of normality now. It’s crazy when I think about the world we live in now and I … Continue reading Yoga Mum on the Run

How Can I Get Things Done?

It is crazy how another week has passed by and all I can think to myself is “where has that time gone?” The last 7 days have not disappointed though, It has been filled with another new project building in the background, children back in school and the completion of my online course that is about to be launched! Not to mention family time, my first home cooked roast dinner in a very long time (by myself of course) and yes lots of yoga and puggle walks. Life does seem to have a habit of just passing by. It was … Continue reading How Can I Get Things Done?