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Yoga Mum on the Run

As I found myself once again in quarantine, I realised this was the perfect time for some pen to paper, or should I say finger to keyboard. Yep, second quarantine due to our modern world now being my ex husband living in Spain and myself in the UK. My son has spent the Summer with his Dad and my 14 year old daughter and I went over for 4 weeks in July. Hence…..two quarantine periods. We are all looking forward to a bit of normality now. It’s crazy when I think about the world we live in now and I … Continue reading Yoga Mum on the Run

Do You Value Yourself Enough To Face Fear?

One of my biggest life lessons has been learning about my own self worth and value. It sounds like something we should all automatically have within ourselves, knowing when to say no, or enough is enough. However, sometimes we get so distracted that we lose the connection. During my married life there were times I would step back and think to myself, is making an issue out of this going to make things better or worse? So out of fear of the unknown I would choose not to listen to my own value and instead keep a happy home. Equally, … Continue reading Do You Value Yourself Enough To Face Fear?

10 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Lockdown

Waking up to just another day of being house bound makes it hard for us to find the motivation to get started and the voices in our head can start working over time on making us feel 100 x worse than we should. So what changes can we make to ensure we start the day right? For me, I love nothing more than starting the day with a yoga flow or workout, followed by a meditation. This is not always possible and sometimes I need to go back to basics if I am short of time. So here I am … Continue reading 10 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Lockdown

How Do I Find The Motivation?

Hearing on New Years Eve the wonderful news of a new life coming in to the World and then the deep sadness of another life lost, does bring everything into prospective.  It is moments like these that motivate me to make the best of my life and appreciate everything that I have.  The arrival of life brings us all so much hope, what lay ahead for this little being, how wonderful for a couple, or individual to be fulfilled by this new life. The path ahead of them, their dreams, their desires, what will life look like? What we forget … Continue reading How Do I Find The Motivation?

How Do I Hit The Rewind Button?

Have you ever had one of those moments you wish you could pause and rewind? A moment you completely regret and would do anything to take it back?  I had one of those this week!  It’s so easy to allow yourself to be completely consumed by a silly thing and over think something until it burns a whole inside of you and you just need to explode. I could feel myself doing that this week. I have been finding it hard with the run up to Christmas and this situation we are in. I could feel the stress levels rising … Continue reading How Do I Hit The Rewind Button?

How Can I stop Feeling So Lost and Unhappy?

Let me start by telling you, you are certainly not alone. This time of year is always difficult, but with many of us unable to go anywhere and not be with family this year, it is going to be even harder. I remember asking myself “What can I do or change in my life to stop feeling so lost and unhappy” I used to think the answer was buying myself something or doing something extreme. I couldn’t think how to take myself out of my mindset of self sabotage, because I was blocked by a mental fog. When I started … Continue reading How Can I stop Feeling So Lost and Unhappy?

What Makes You Happy?

It’s one of those questions that makes you look in the mirror and think… How do I not know this? There comes a moment in your life when you sit back and say to yourself, I am so fortunate and have so much, but I feel like something is missing. What makes me happy? For me I went as low as hitting depression, even though I was in my gorgeous house, with my nice cars, husband and two beautiful children. But for many it doesn’t take getting to this point before realising something is out of balance. I used to … Continue reading What Makes You Happy?

Would You Like to Know How to Have More Mindful Children?

I know I would! But what does that mean? Mindfulness has become the new trendy word to be thrown around, but what does it actually mean and how do we start using it? To be mindful, is to be present in the moment. When we become fully present in the moment we are able to take a step out of our day, out of our busy minds and make space for what really is important. But how do we get our children to be more mindful? Like everything in life, it starts with us. We learnt from our parents, they … Continue reading Would You Like to Know How to Have More Mindful Children?

Why Do I Self Sabotage?

This is the one question most people ask me, why do I self sabotage and how can I stop it? As most of us are already aware it is inbuilt in us to have a defense mechanism to protect ourselves from potential dangers. Only trouble is we don’t actually have many potential threats to protect ourselves from anymore, so instead we spend our time over thinking. This time for thinking was used on potential risks and how to ensure our safety and wellbeing, but has been carried forward into protecting ourselves in every area of our lives. Our relationships, work, … Continue reading Why Do I Self Sabotage?

How to be a Mum and have it all?

Girl meets boy, girl gets pregnant and girl becomes a Mum… Sound familiar? No one passes you a handbook and says “here you go, this will help you on your way with becoming a Mum and how to still be you at the same time” Becoming a Parent was the start of my journey, as my hormones went nuts, my thyroid decided to loose the plot and I suddenly had a load more expectation and responsibility than I ever imagined in my life. I wanted to maintain the happy go lucky, working young woman life, whilst trying to make bottles, … Continue reading How to be a Mum and have it all?

Does Something Need to Change?

How often do you wake in the night, mid way through a crazy dream and think what was that about? I notice instantly if I am living out of alignment with my subconscious, my body can not settle properly and a disturbed nights sleep follows. The knock on effect is a not so proactive or tired day the next day. Dream journaling is particularly useful for people who are on the treadmill of life (so pretty much all of us) When you give yourself little time for your thoughts and feelings to show up, they become present in your dreams. … Continue reading Does Something Need to Change?